Intense Debate: NYC Store Engulfed by Fire Caused by E-Bike Battery Explosion!


Cybersecdn- In a harrowing incident captured on video, a lithium-ion battery used in an electric bike set off a catastrophic fire at King Electronic Hub, a store located in Richmond Hill, Queens. The footage, released by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), chillingly demonstrates how a charging battery can lead to a disaster.

The video shows a lithium-ion battery, amidst scooters and boxes, emitting a dense cloud of grey smoke before erupting into sparks. Within a mere two and a half minutes, the entire e-bike shop was engulfed in flames. The FDNY, in its warning accompanying the footage, emphasized the severe risks associated with illegal and uncertified lithium-ion batteries, describing them as “ticking time bombs.”

Fortunately, the two-alarm fire that broke out on January 6th resulted in no injuries. However, the broader issue of lithium-ion battery fires is alarming. In just the first two weeks of 2024, eight such fires have occurred in New York City, injuring three people. In 2023, there were a staggering 267 fires caused by these batteries, leading to 18 deaths and 150 injuries.

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A particularly tragic incident occurred in November in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where a fire linked to a lithium-ion battery claimed the lives of three family members across three generations and injured 14 others. Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh has voiced strong concerns over these uncertified devices, underscoring their potential for immense harm.

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