“grand Central Slasher” Says in Jailhouse Interview that His Young Victims on Christmas Day were FBI Agents Working for Them!


Cybersecdn- In the bustling heart of New York City, a shocking incident unfolded on Christmas Day at the iconic Grand Central Terminal, leaving the city in disbelief. Steven Hutcherson, now infamously known as the ‘Grand Central Slasher’, is accused of stabbing two teenage tourists in a frenzied attack.

However, the case takes a bizarre turn as Hutcherson, during a jailhouse tele-visit from Rikers Island, claims a conspiracy against him, involving the FBI and undercover informants. Hutcherson’s disturbing actions at Tartine, a French restaurant in the terminal, were marked by racial animus and unprovoked aggression.

Authorities report that he targeted two sisters from Paraguay, aged 16 and 14, stabbing the older in the back and the younger in the leg. His outburst, screaming “I want all the white people dead!” before the attack, adds a chilling dimension of hate to the crime. However, in an exclusive interview, Hutcherson denied any racist motives, attributing his persecution to law enforcement’s surveillance and harassment.

He adamantly directed inquiries about the incident to FBI Director Christopher Wray, insisting that Wray holds the key to understanding his actions. Hutcherson’s mental state and history are central to understanding the complexities of the case. With a record of at least 17 prior arrests and a history of mental health issues, he has been a figure of concern for law enforcement for some time.

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In the weeks preceding the Grand Central incident, Hutcherson was sentenced for threatening to shoot a stranger on a Bronx street. Furthermore, he had been ranting publicly about his intent to harm white women, signaling a pattern of escalating threats and racial hostility. The situation grew more complicated with Hutcherson’s claim that he was seeking mental health services from the city, asserting his sanity despite his actions suggesting otherwise.

His former girlfriend, Charisma Knight, has painted a picture of a man increasingly unhinged, alleging multiple threats to her life and linking his erratic behavior to his refusal to take medication for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. After his arrest, Hutcherson’s behavior continued to be erratic and violent.

He was involved in another stabbing incident at Rikers Island, where he attacked a fellow inmate, Lawrence Browning, while he slept. Hutcherson described Browning as a “vigilante” sent by the FBI, further entrenching his narrative of being pursued by unseen forces. In a system where mental health and criminal justice intersect, Hutcherson’s case presents a conundrum.

"grand Central Slasher" Says in Jailhouse Interview that His Young Victims on Christmas Day were FBI Agents Working for Them!

His delusional claims of FBI surveillance and persecution, coupled with his history of mental illness, raise critical questions about the adequacy of mental health support for individuals like him and the challenges faced in assessing criminal responsibility in such contexts.

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