Georgia’s Growing Healthcare Gap: 500,000 Soon Without Medicaid!


Cybersecdn- In a significant healthcare shift, Georgia has disenrolled nearly 500,000 individuals from Medicaid as part of a federal mandate to re-verify the eligibility of recipients. The state embarked on this massive redetermination process, initially involving 2.8 million Medicaid recipients, which constitutes a quarter of Georgia’s population.

As of the end of December 2023, the state had completed reviews for less than half of the recipients, with a significant number still pending. The disenrollment primarily affects children, who form the majority of Medicaid enrollees in the state. Concerns have been raised regarding the speed and efficiency of the process, with Georgia ranking third worst in the nation for removing children from Medicaid.

Georgians dropped from Medicaid

The challenges faced in this massive undertaking include staffing shortages and system inefficiencies. Many beneficiaries and their attorneys have reported difficulties in communication and inconsistencies in the state’s Gateway computer system. Approximately 85% of the terminations were due to a lack of paperwork response from the recipients.

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Despite these hurdles, the state continues its efforts, with more than 2,100 staff currently working on Medicaid renewals. The project, set to be completed by May 2024, remains a crucial but contentious part of Georgia’s healthcare system, reflecting the complexities of managing public health insurance for the poor during post-pandemic times.

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