Brooklyn Crime: 13-Year-Old’s Mother Talks Out For the First Time About Her Son’s Death and Rejects ‘Gang’ Imputation!


CybersecdnIn the aftermath of the tragic loss of her son, Mary Culbertson, the mother of the 13-year-old boy who was fatally shot in Brooklyn, has bravely spoken out, vehemently rejecting insinuations of her son’s involvement in any gang-related activities. Troy Gill, a bright and compassionate young boy, was senselessly gunned down while walking home from a Brooklyn Nets game, sending shockwaves through the community and leaving his family grappling with profound grief.

With tears streaming down her face, Mary Culbertson fondly remembered her son as a big-hearted child who brought joy and laughter to everyone around him. Despite attempts to cast aspersions on Troy’s character by linking him to a street gang, his family vehemently denies any such association, emphasizing his innocence and positive attributes. Troy’s stepfather, Joseph Ward, echoed these sentiments, expressing a strong desire to challenge the narrative surrounding Troy’s tragic death.

Brooklyn's Pain: Mourning the Senseless Death of a 13-Year-Old Boy

The circumstances surrounding Troy’s untimely demise remain deeply unsettling, with the assailant opening fire on the unsuspecting teenager as he walked alone on a Brooklyn street. Despite his valiant efforts to seek help after being shot, Troy tragically succumbed to his injuries, leaving his family and community reeling from the profound loss of such a promising young life.

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In the face of unfounded allegations and attempts to tarnish Troy’s memory, his family is determined to set the record straight and honor his legacy. Troy’s mother passionately emphasized that her son was not involved in any gang-related activities, instead highlighting his love for dancing and his vibrant personality. His family fondly recalled Troy’s infectious laughter and his ability to forge connections with people from all walks of life, underscoring the depth of his impact on those around him.

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