Wife of NYC Mailman Pushed onto Penn Station Tracks Criticizes ‘Scary’ Subways and Gives a Serious Warning!


CybersecdnThe wife of a New York City postal worker, who was viciously assaulted and pushed onto the subway roadbed by a stranger, has raised serious concerns about the safety of the city’s transit system. Abu Khan, a 64-year-old postal worker, was targeted by an assailant at the Penn Station A-C-E platform while returning home to Queens after a shift in Manhattan.

The unprovoked attack left Khan battered and injured, prompting his wife, Jahan Khan, to speak out against the perceived dangers lurking within the subway system.

Recounting the harrowing incident, Jahan Khan expressed disbelief and anguish over the senseless attack on her husband. The assailant reportedly approached Khan, who was engrossed in his phone, and initiated a brief interaction before callously pushing him onto the train tracks without any provocation. The disturbing nature of the assault has left Jahan Khan deeply traumatized, leading her to question the adequacy of security measures within the subway system.

Wife of NYC Mailman Pushed onto Penn Station Tracks Criticizes

Expressing her fear and apprehension, Jahan Khan highlighted the absence of police presence in the subway, underscoring the vulnerability of commuters to such random acts of violence. The severity of Abu Khan’s injuries, including back pain, chest pain, and head injuries, further underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for enhanced safety measures.

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Despite raising their children in the city, Jahan Khan now refrains from using the subway, fearing for her safety and the safety of others. The assailant, described as a man in his 30s with a dark beard, remains at large, prompting heightened concerns about public safety and the need for swift action to apprehend the perpetrator.

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