Brooklyn News: Police Investigating into Racist Graffiti Outside Black-Owned Restaurant!


CybersecdnThe New York City Police Department (NYPD) has launched an investigation following a disturbing incident of hate speech directed at a long-standing Black-owned restaurant in Brooklyn. Rustik Tavern, a cherished establishment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, fell victim to offensive graffiti early Friday morning, leaving the local community stunned and outraged.

According to reports, bold letters containing a racial slur were spray-painted outside Rustik Tavern, confronting patrons with a message of bigotry as they entered and exited the premises. Frantz Metellus, the owner of Rustik Tavern, expressed shock at the hateful act, describing it as unexpected and alarming.

The offensive term was found twice on the sidewalk, indicating a deliberate and targeted attack on the restaurant. Metellus, who has been serving the Brooklyn community for over 16 years, speculated on the possible motivations behind the vandalism, suggesting it could stem from personal animosity or a momentary lapse of judgment.

Brooklyn News: Police Investigating into Racist Graffiti Outside Black-Owned Restaurant!

As a native of Brooklyn, Metellus established Rustik Tavern to fill a void in the local dining scene and contribute to the neighborhood’s vitality. Over the years, the restaurant has become a beloved gathering place, renowned for its cuisine and hospitality. Despite the setback caused by the vandalism, Metellus remains resolute in his commitment to serving the community.

The incident has sparked outrage among patrons and residents, who view Rustik Tavern as a beacon of diversity and inclusion in the neighborhood. Gabrielle Clark, a customer, expressed disbelief at the prevalence of such hatred in modern society, emphasizing the importance of respecting cultural spaces.

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In response to the vandalism, Metellus has vowed to persevere and rebuild. Alongside law enforcement efforts, he is mobilizing volunteers to assist in cleaning up the graffiti and restoring Rustik Tavern to its former state. Despite the hurt caused by the incident, Metellus remains undeterred in his mission to foster unity and resilience in the face of adversity.

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