Brooklyn Pizzeria Owner’s Bold Move: $60K to Clean City Street!


Cybersecdn- Sean Feeney, a finance professional turned restaurateur and the owner of Fini Pizza in Brooklyn, New York, has taken an extraordinary step towards improving the cleanliness of his neighborhood. Frustrated with the ineffective city services and the escalating trash problem in Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn, Feeney embarked on a self-funded “Clean Streets” initiative.

Starting in the fall of 2022, Feeney has invested $60,000 from his own revenue towards purchasing bins, bags, and private trash pick-up services. This initiative was born out of his observations of the declining cleanliness in the area since 2016. Feeney’s commitment to the community extends beyond his culinary endeavors; it reflects his dedication to enhancing the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Brooklyn Pizzeria Owner's Bold

Fini Pizza, which opened its doors in August 2022, is not just about serving quality pizza and Italian ice but also about contributing positively to the community. This is evident in Feeney’s decision to allocate 3% of the restaurant’s revenue to neighborhood improvements, based on customer feedback, which overwhelmingly pointed towards the need for cleaner streets.

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Feeney’s efforts include the placement of 50 garbage cans, adorned with the Fini crown logo and the “Clean Streets” motto, around the neighborhood. Despite initial challenges, including fines from the Department of Sanitation for placement issues, Feeney’s initiative received official approval and support. His endeavor has not only made a noticeable difference in cleanliness but also serves as an inspiration for other businesses to take action in their communities.

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