Winter Pet Safety: Expert Tips from a Macon Veterinarian!


Cybersecdn- Amid dropping temperatures, a seasoned veterinarian from Macon, Georgia, Dr. Angela Shurling, with 34 years of experience, emphasizes the critical need to protect pets from cold weather. Dr. Shurling, working at Riverside Animal Hospital, alerts pet owners about the risks associated with the uncommon cold spells in Georgia, where people and their pets are often unprepared for such conditions.

The crux of Dr. Shurling’s advice revolves around the necessity of providing adequate shelter for pets. She insists that when temperatures plummet into the teens, no pet should be left outside. Alternative arrangements, such as a garage or an outbuilding that offers protection from wind and moisture, should be considered. Moreover, she highlights the importance of bedding, which helps pets retain body heat.

Winter Pet Safety

Dr. Shurling points out that certain groups of pets, like puppies, older dogs, and those with short hair, are more vulnerable and should be brought indoors even before temperatures hit extreme lows. Additionally, she advises that pet owners should increase the food intake of their animals during cold days, as more calories are needed to maintain body warmth.

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The risk of frostbite is another concern raised by Dr. Shurling. She recommends using paw protection and minimizing the duration of walks on cold or frozen surfaces to protect the pets from such dangers.

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