Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Norfolk, Virginia!


CybersecdnVirginia’s Norfolk has a diverse population, a lively culture, and a rich history. However, not all of Norfolk is calm and safe. Certain communities are unsafe to reside or visit due to high levels of violence, poverty, and crime.

In this post, we will identify Norfolk’s top five most dangerous neighborhoods based on the most recent crime statistics.

Neighborhood Median Home Value Median Income
Roberts Village $121,686 $9,898
Campostella $139,684 $39,471
Grandy Village $126,729 $19,583
Beacon Light $157,748 $37,576
Coronado-Inglenook $138,472 $41,375

Robert’s Village: The most recent census figures show that Roberts Village is Norfolk’s worst neighborhood. It has the city’s lowest median salary ($9,898) and the second-lowest average home value ($121,686).

Campostella is another of Norfolk’s riskiest neighborhoods. It has the city’s eleventh-lowest median house value ($139,684) and the twenty-fourth-lowest median income ($39,471).

Grandy Village: Violence and poverty are common problems in Grandy Village. The median housing value is $126,729, the fourth lowest in the city, while the usual income is $19,583, the third lowest.

Beacon Light: This neighborhood has a high crime rate and a low standard of living. It has the city’s 23rd-lowest median house value ($157,748) and 18th-lowest median income ($37,576).

Coronado-Inglenook: The Coronado-Inglenook area is not without its challenges and risks. Its median home value ($138,472) is the tenth lowest in the city, while its typical income ($41,375) is the 29th lowest.

Comparing Norfolk’s Crime Rate to Virginia’s Other Cities

5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Norfolk
With 5575 offenses per 100,000 persons, Norfolk’s total crime rate is 188.7% more than the state average and 139.85% higher than the national average.

With 703 violent offenses per 100,000 residents, Norfolk’s violent crime rate is 200.4% more than the state average and 90% higher than the federal average. Norfolk ranks in the bottom 10% of American cities with violent crime rates.

With 4872 offenses perpetrated against every 100,000 residents, Norfolk’s property crime rate is 187.2% more than the state average and 149.3% higher than the national average.

With 27 murders per 100,000 persons, Norfolk outperforms the state and national rates by 269.9% and 328.6%, respectively. Norfolk has one of the highest murder rates of any city that provides crime statistics.

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To Conclude

Norfolk, Virginia, has a lot of character and history, but it also has some severe issues, such as high crime, concentrated poverty, and struggling areas.

This analysis identified the five most dangerous neighborhoods in Norfolk based on factors such as income, property value, and crime rates. These locations have lower wages, more poverty, and higher rates of violence than both the state and national norms.

Recognizing these difficulties is vital not only to demonstrate how awful things are but also to motivate others to take action. Norfolk residents can improve their communities and make the city safer and more equitable by working together, investing in education and economic growth, and providing robust support systems.

Remember that these statistics are about real individuals with real difficulties. Addressing the core causes of poverty and violence, creating opportunities for citizens, and prioritizing community well-being are critical to changing Norfolk’s narrative.

Norfolk has a vibrant spirit and a rich cultural heritage that deserve to flourish in a safe and healthy environment. Fixing the challenges raised in this article is more than simply numbers; it is a call to action to create a better future for the city and its residents.

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