Emergency Declared Due to High Maternal Mortality Rates in Georgia!


Cybersecdn- Georgia’s maternal mortality rates have reached alarming levels, prompting state lawmakers to declare a state of emergency. Data from the CDC reveals that between 2018 and 2020, 113 women in Georgia died due to pregnancy-related causes, with Black women experiencing a disproportionately higher rate of mortality.

This crisis was the focus of a recent public hearing where healthcare workers, advocates, and affected individuals like Buffie Purselle and Damita Bishop shared their harrowing experiences and the devastating impact of these losses.

Georgia’s Maternal Mortality Rates

The Georgia Department of Public Health notes that 89% of these deaths are preventable, pointing to significant gaps in the state’s healthcare system. A report from the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute highlights the lack of adequate OBGYNs in over half of the state’s counties. Proposed legislative measures, such as expanding Medicaid coverage and standardizing care for pregnant and postpartum individuals, aim to address these challenges.

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The testimonies and data collected from this hearing are expected to shape legislative decisions, emphasizing the critical link between health insurance coverage and pregnancy outcomes. With the legislative session on the horizon, there’s a pressing need for comprehensive reform to reverse these troubling statistics and ensure the health and safety of mothers in Georgia.

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