Experts Advise Extra Caution for Drivers as Strong Winds Hit Central Texas!


Cybersecdn- Central Texas is gearing up for a turbulent weather episode, with forecasts predicting winds as strong as 50 mph. Daniel Armbruster, a spokesperson for AAA Texas, emphasizes the heightened need for vigilance, especially for drivers, due to the increased risks posed by these weather conditions.

Experts warn that the strong winds could particularly impact large vehicles like semis, causing them to sway dangerously on highways. The KWTX First Alert Weather team advises residents to be prepared for these severe conditions, which are expected to last from Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Experts Advise Extra Caution

In light of these forecasts, Armbruster recommends increasing the following distance between vehicles. For example, if the usual gap is three car lengths, doubling it to six could provide additional safety. Additionally, ensuring that all vehicle headlights are functioning and that tires have sufficient tread is crucial. A simple trick using an upside-down quarter inserted into the tire tread can help drivers assess their tire’s readiness for the road.

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Jake Smith, a spokesperson for TXDOT, advises drivers to adapt their speed to the conditions, even if it means driving below the posted speed limit. Maintaining control of the vehicle with both hands on the wheel, positioned at 8 and 4, and avoiding distractions like mobile phones are essential for safe driving.

In case of an emergency, experts recommend seeking shelter in a parking lot or garage, rather than pulling off to the side of the road, to avoid the risk of being hit by other vehicles. This proactive approach to road safety is crucial for navigating the challenging weather conditions expected in Central Texas.

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