Multiple Tornado Warnings Issued in Texas Amid Severe Weather Conditions!


Cybersecdn- A series of tornado warnings have put parts of Texas on high alert, particularly north of Houston in counties like San Jacinto and Polk. Reports of tornadoes, both observed and detected via radar, have emerged from regions including West Livingston, Indian Springs, and Onalaska, among others.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has extended a Tornado Watch for Houston and southeastern Texas, alongside parts of southern Louisiana, effective until 9 p.m. CT Monday. This alert encompasses threats of tornadoes, hailstones reaching two inches in diameter, and gusty winds that could reach 70 mph.

In response to these developments, a Public Severe Weather Outlook has been published for the Gulf Coast states. It warns of severe thunderstorms, the potential for intense tornadoes, hurricane-force winds, and large hail, expected from Monday afternoon through early Tuesday.

Texas on High Alert

Houston, under a Wind Advisory, anticipates sustained winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph, posing risks of debris and power outages due to fallen tree limbs. This severe weather is associated with a low-pressure system sweeping across the Southeastern United States, just ahead of Winter Storm Finn, impacting the northern states and Midwest.

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Amid these conditions, Houston city officials and CenterPoint Energy are making contingency plans, considering the upcoming College Football National Championship game and the possibility of power outages.

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