Family Wants Fairness for 48-Year-Old Kissimmee Man Killed in Hit-And-Run!


CybersecdnIn Kissimmee, Florida, the heart-wrenching aftermath of a hit-and-run incident has left a family shattered and seeking justice for their beloved 48-year-old, Robert Centeno II. The incident, which occurred on February 12 near Poinciana Boulevard and SR 535, not only resulted in Centeno sustaining critical injuries while riding his bicycle but also shed light on the broader issue of road safety and accountability in the community.

The impact of hit-and-run incidents extends far beyond the immediate physical harm inflicted on victims; it reverberates through families, leaving emotional scars that may never fully heal. In the case of Centeno, his family in San Antonio, Texas, endured agonizing days of uncertainty as they remained unaware of his condition due to his lack of identification at the time of the accident. The identification of victims in such incidents remains a critical aspect of ensuring timely medical attention and family notification, highlighting the importance of personal safety measures for all road users.

Stella Garza, Centeno’s mother, has bravely spoken out about the pain and anguish of discovering her son’s plight days after the incident. Her emotional account underscores the profound impact of hit-and-run incidents on families, who often find themselves grappling with uncertainty and despair in the wake of such tragedies. Garza’s plea for justice resonates with communities nationwide, as hit-and-run incidents continue to pose a pervasive threat to road safety and accountability.

Family Wants Fairness for 48-Year-Old Kissimmee Man Killed

The release of surveillance footage by the Florida Highway Patrol depicting the suspected driver checking on Centeno before fleeing the scene serves as a crucial development in the ongoing investigation.

The footage not only provides valuable evidence for law enforcement but also underscores the urgency of apprehending the perpetrator and holding them accountable for their actions. The community’s support and cooperation in identifying the driver remain essential in ensuring that justice is served for Centeno and his grieving family.

As the legal process unfolds and efforts to apprehend the suspect intensify, the broader conversation surrounding road safety and accountability takes center stage. Hit-and-run incidents represent a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies and policymakers alike, highlighting the need for comprehensive measures to prevent such tragedies and ensure swift justice for victims and their families.

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In honoring the memory of Robert Centeno II, his family’s quest for justice serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll of hit-and-run incidents and the collective responsibility to prioritize road safety and accountability in our communities.

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