Federal Government: Highway Department Discourages Funny Messages on Road Signs!


CybersecdnIf you’ve ever been stuck in traffic or driving on a busy highway, you may have noticed that state highway offices are increasingly using funny ads to get their message across. They seem to be making assumptions about drivers, which I think is a good way to get your point across. In contrast, the Federal Highway Administration doesn’t seem to find it as funny.

A brand-new, 1,100-page guide from the Federal Highway Administration explains how signs and other traffic control devices are controlled. The agency strongly warns against using electronic signs above buildings that have vague meanings, make fun of pop culture, or are meant to be funny.

Federal Government: Highway Department Discourages Funny Messages on Road Signs
Instead, the agency said that signs should be “simple, direct, brief, legible, and clear” when they need to send important messages, like telling drivers about crashes above, bad weather, and traffic delays. Reminders to wear a seatbelt and advice about the risks of speeding or driving while impaired are legal.

Arizona is fully into the jokes. State roads have more than 300 electronic signs. It’s been seven years since the Arizona Department of Transportation held a contest to see who could make the funniest and most clever signs.

Over 3,700 people entered last year. Last month, people voted for 10 messages—thousands of them. Two great traffic safety messages are “Seatbelts Always Pass a Vibe Check” and “I’m Just a Sign Asking Drivers to Use Turn Signals.”

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A Republican from Globe, state Rep. David Cook, told Phoenix TV station CBS 5, “We kind of like the funny part of it.” “I believe most people in Arizona do if not all of us.”

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