Florida Representative Cory Mills Questions the Narrative of the Capitol Riot: Defending President Trump!


CybersecdnAccording to a post on X, Representative Cory Mills strongly disagrees with the claims that former President Donald Trump is an “insurrectionist.” Mills made his point clear on Twitter by saying that Trump did not start or take part in any uprising. This comment comes at a time when people are still arguing and looking into what happened during the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, which some have called an uprising.

Mills goes after what he thinks is a false story being told by the Left and the mass media, saying that the American people are not believing it. He says that the Biden administration is using the Department of Justice as a tool and committing “lawfare” by charging Trump in what he sees as an attempt to politicize and meddle in the 2024 election.

Defending President Trump
The Florida congressman said that the attention on Trump’s claimed role in the Capitol riot is taking attention away from what he sees as the problems with the Biden administration. Mills says that problems like a weak economy, high inflation, bad foreign policy, and what he calls “disastrous handling of the border” show that these things have not worked.

Mills joins his colleagues, Representative Matt Gaetz and Representative Anna Paulina Luna, in supporting a House motion that aims to dispel the idea that Trump was involved in an uprising. Mills says that this resolution is meant to leave no question about Trump’s role in what happened on January 6th.

Mills ends his post by saying that he is looking forward to Trump’s possible return to the White House, where he thinks Trump will continue to fight for the people of the United States. The statement shows that Mills has always supported the past president and wants Trump to be involved in making decisions about the future of the country.

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Mills’s post on social media shows how deeply divided people are politically about the Capitol riot and what happened after it. Some people think that Trump’s words and actions before January 6th contributed to the violence, but others, like Mills, strongly support Trump and reject claims of an uprising. As the argument goes on, it’s not clear how these different points of view will affect politics in the coming months and years.

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