Lawmakers Spar Over Controversial ERPO Legislation in Capitol Debate!


CybersecdnWKRN reports that Nashville, Tennessee is now home to Other laws that may get in the way of any efforts to pass or enforce laws that would briefly take guns away from Tennesseans who are seen as a danger to themselves or others.

Sen. Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma) has proposed a bill that would get rid of all other laws that deal with extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs). If SB2763 were passed, it would “preempt the entire field of legislation regarding extreme risk protection orders,” it wouldn’t matter if it was OK in a county, city, or the whole state.
Any federal law, rule, or court decision that had the “same effect” as implementing an ERPO would also be thrown out in the state by the bill.

The bill’s text says that anyone who tries to implement an ERPO would be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
After the shooting at Covenant School in March 2023, Republicans in Tennessee fought against any efforts to make gun laws tighter. This bill comes at that time. At first, Gov. Bill Lee supported some safety measures for Tennesseans and suggested a less strict version of an ERPO before the August special session.

Lawmakers Spar Over Controversial ERPO

However, Republican leaders quickly spoke out against any efforts to pass stricter gun laws, which killed the idea for good. In the end, the governor gave up on the plan. Since Covenant, Democrats have introduced several bills to make gun-related crimes more serious, like safe storage rules. However, the Republican supermajority has stopped all of their efforts so far.

Even though the majority party is against them, Democrats have introduced several gun control bills for 2024. These include several new safe storage bills, a bill to create a “voluntary do not sell” list, and bills that would ban the sale of high-capacity guns, certain types of ammunition, and certain modifications.

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This bill is being pushed in the House by Rep. Jody Barrett (Dickson) and co-prime authors Reps. The Republicans running for office are:

  • Kip Capley (Summertown)
  • Bryan Richey (Maryville)
  • Chris Todd (Madison County)
  • Monty Fritts (Kingston)
  • Rusty Grills (Nerbern)
  • Clay Doggett (Pulaski)
  • Jeremy Faison (Cosby)
  • Jason Zachary (Knoxville)
  • Mark Cochran (Englewood)
  • Brock Martin (Huntingdon)
  • Rush Bricken (Tullahoma)
  • Ed Butler (Rickman)
  • Kelly Keisling (Byrdstown)
  • Timothy Hill (Blountville)
  • Jerome Moon (Maryville)
  • Greg Vital (Harrison)

The 113th General Assembly will have hundreds of bills to talk about. Legislators in Tennessee talked about some of the most important topics that will be discussed this year.

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