Florida Law in 2024: Understanding the New Norms!


Cybersecdn- Florida is starting the new year with a few new rules that will affect many areas of public life, from the safety of the roads to the ethics of public officials and investigations into child abuse.

Protecting the Vulnerable: The ‘Protect Our Loved Ones Act

SB 784 “Protect Our Loved Ones Act.” Gives local police the power to create and keep a database known as the “Special Persons Registry.” This list keeps track of people who may have any kind of disability, including those who have developmental or mental illnesses. The law makes a list of conditions, like autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, or a disorder linked to dementia.

Pretrial Release and Detention: Aiming for Fairness

SB-1534 talks about Pretrial Release and Detention. It says that only a judge can set, lower, or change a person’s bail. The Florida Supreme Court has to make and keep up to date a statewide uniform bail bond plan for certain crimes. It says that a judge can’t make a local bond schedule with smaller amounts than the Supreme Court’s schedule.

Child Protection Investigations: A Statewide Responsibility

SB-7056 says that the seven Florida counties that investigate child abuse must hand over power to the Department of Children and Families. The goal of this rule is to make sure that all investigations into child abuse are handled the same way across the state.

Campsite Rules Revised: Fairness for All

Florida Law in 2024

SB-76 changes the rules for Floridians who want to book campsites in state parks. The Division of Recreation and Parks of the Department of Environmental Protection has to let people from both inside and outside the state make plans for cabins and campsites in state parks within certain time frames.

Ethics Requirements for Public Officials: Promoting More Transparency

SB-774 Local elected leaders are now required to talk about their money. This law adds to the list of people who already have to report their finances: the governor, politicians, county commissioners, school board members, and sheriffs.

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Transportation: Ensuring Safety on Florida Roads

HB-425 From January 1, Florida’s “Move Over” rule will cover more people. In addition to the already required moving over for emergency, sanitation, utility service, and construction vehicles, drivers must now also move over for disabled vehicles with danger lights, emergency flares, or emergency signs.

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