Florida Representative Takes Bipartisan Action to Allow New Mothers in Congress to Vote by Proxy!


Cybersecdn- Florida State Representative Anna Luna has introduced House Resolution 967, a bipartisan effort aimed at allowing new mothers serving in Congress to vote by proxy for up to 6 weeks. This initiative recognizes the challenges faced by new moms in balancing their congressional duties with the need for postpartum recovery. The average time it takes for a mother to heal after giving birth is approximately 6 weeks, and House Resolution 967 seeks to address this issue by enabling proxy voting.

Luna’s proposal highlights the historical underrepresentation of new mothers in Congress, with only 12 women in history having given birth while serving in Congress, making up less than 0.1% of all members. This situation underscores the need for Congress to be more in touch with the experiences of average Americans, including new mothers. By passing this legislation, the aim is to take a step in the right direction toward creating a more inclusive and accommodating environment for new moms in Congress.

Florida Representative Takes Bipartisan Action

The practice of proxy voting, which allows a representative to cast a vote on behalf of another member who cannot attend a scheduled vote, gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi authorized it. The current initiative builds on this precedent and seeks to formalize proxy voting for new mothers, ensuring that their voices are heard even when they are unable to be physically present in Congress.

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