Florida Teen’s Passionate Work in Crohn’s Awareness Draws National Acclaim!


Cybersecdn- When Gavin Shreeve, For 11-year-old, thinks about things right now, he thinks about family, friends, school, and math, which is his best subject. “I just like the feeling of when you finally get the problem right, and it just like works out perfectly,” he mentioned. However, Gavin’s mom, Christina Shreeve, says he has had a much bigger problem that they worked on for years.

“We knew he had an inflammatory disease,” she told us. At age five, he was finally told he had Crohn’s disease. The patient looked at the doctor and asked, “Are you talking about Gavin?” How old is our child Gavin?’ “It was shocking,” Christina said.

Florida Teen's Passionate Work in Crohn's Awareness Draws

For the past few months, he’s had surgeries and started infusion therapies that have cured his sickness. She said, “Well, it brought back his childhood.” But Gavin didn’t keep that gift to himself. His family said he used it to raise awareness and more than $70,000 to help other people who are going through this hard illness.

I believe that some kids do not understand that there is hope. For some kids, getting a diagnosis is like, “Oh.” Okay. Gavin said, “I’m giving up.” Recently, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation also gave Gavin an award for his work. Astonished, Gavin was given the first-ever “It Takes Guts” award earlier this month.

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“It feels different than what most 11-year-old kids would be doing,” he stated. His family said that he had the “guts” to go through a trip like his, especially since his parents may still be looking for a correct diagnosis.”Believe a gut feeling. Maintain your focus. Mothers know. She said, “You know when something is wrong.”

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