Florida Woman Has Brain Damage from Fentanyl Overdose During Texas Dental Visit!


Cybersecdn- In a harrowing incident that underscores the critical importance of medical diligence, Maria Lugo Querales, a Miami resident, suffered severe brain damage requiring constant care. This tragic turn of events unfolded following a dental procedure at a clinic in Marble Falls, Texas, on May 10, 2022.

The procedure, which involved the treatment of ‘cavitations’ and the extraction of a root canal-treated tooth deemed asymptomatic, took a disastrous turn when an excessive dosage of anesthesia was administered. At the heart of this tragedy is Dr. Jerry Teague, an anesthesiologist whose professional history is marred by a suspension and eventual prohibition from practicing medicine.

Despite this, he was employed at the Texas clinic in 2019. The lawsuit, spearheaded by Lugo’s husband, Luis Espana, alleges gross negligence on Teague’s part, including administering anesthesia without proper intubation and failing to secure informed consent from Lugo.

The compounding factor in this case is Teague’s health. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, he administered the anesthesia just a day after a significant health episode and failed to disclose his condition. This oversight proved catastrophic as Lugo overdosed on the combination of fentanyl, midazolam, and lidocaine used during the surgery.

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The aftermath is a life forever altered—Lugo now resides in a neurological rehabilitation facility in Florida, dependent on a tracheotomy and feeding tube for survival. The lawsuit extends beyond Teague, implicating other dentists involved in the surgery, Dr. Lane Freeman and Dr. Stuart Nunnally, and their clinic, Nunnally, Freeman, and Owens.

This case not only questions the medical ethics and practices at the clinic but also highlights the influence of social media on medical decisions. Lugo was drawn to the Texas clinic after viewing a YouTube video by Dr. Ludwig Johnson, an Instagram influencer, endorsing the practice.

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