Georgia Election Lawsuit Judge Dismisses Rudy Giuliani’s Deadline Extension Request!


Cybersecdn- In a recent ruling, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee denied Rudy Giuliani’s request for an extension of deadlines in the Georgia election interference case. This decision keeps the Monday deadline intact, reflecting the court’s intention to maintain the case’s momentum.

Giuliani, indicted along with 18 co-defendants for allegedly violating Georgia’s racketeering laws about the 2020 election, has faced several legal challenges. He is accused of conspiring to pressure state officials based on false election claims.

This case is one of many legal woes for Giuliani, including a $148 million verdict in a defamation lawsuit and a $1.36 million legal fee dispute with his former lawyers. The judge’s refusal to grant an extension highlights the court’s commitment to a timely resolution of this high-profile case.

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Giuliani’s legal team had previously argued for more time to process voluminous discovery materials, but the judge found these reasons insufficient. This decision underscores the legal pressures Giuliani faces, as he also contends with other significant legal and financial challenges.

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