Georgia Wildlife Agency Helps People with Disabilities Hunt, Fish, and Enjoy Nature!


Cybersecdn- The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is redoubling its efforts to ensure that individuals with mobility impairments have enhanced access to hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational opportunities across the state. Under its “Outdoors Beyond Barriers” adaptive program, the DNR is committed to breaking down barriers and facilitating meaningful connections with nature for all Georgians, regardless of physical limitations.

In recognition of National Disability Awareness Month in March, Commissioner Walter Rabon reiterated the department’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility. With over 2.2 million Georgians living with disabilities, approximately 14% of whom have mobility-related challenges, the need for tailored outdoor experiences has never been more pressing.

Building upon existing initiatives, the DNR plans to expand the reach of its program by organizing hunting and fishing events in each of the department’s six regions, utilizing both public lands and private partnerships to maximize participation opportunities. These events not only provide recreational outlets but also foster a sense of community and belonging among participants.

One notable aspect of the program is its provision of free Action Trackchairs, thanks to a partnership with the Aimee Copeland Foundation’s All Terrain Georgia initiative. These specialized chairs empower individuals with mobility impairments to traverse various terrains with ease, opening up previously inaccessible outdoor spaces and activities.

Georgia Wildlife Agency Helps People with Disabilities Hunt, Fish, and Enjoy Nature

Moreover, the state has invested over $2.2 million in accessibility improvements for infrastructure and outdoor facilities, ensuring that amenities such as trails, fishing piers, and hunting blinds are designed with inclusivity in mind. These enhancements not only benefit individuals with disabilities but also contribute to the overall enjoyment and preservation of Georgia’s natural resources.

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By prioritizing accessibility and engagement, the DNR is not only fulfilling its mandate to steward the state’s outdoor spaces but also fostering a culture of inclusion and participation. Through ongoing collaboration with stakeholders and advocacy groups, Georgia is leading the way in creating a more equitable and welcoming environment for all outdoor enthusiasts, regardless of their physical abilities.

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