NYC Couple Sued by People Who Took Over Their Expensive House and Won’t Leave: “It’s Totally Crazy!”


CybersecdnA Queens couple, Juliya Fulman and Denis Kurlyand, are entangled in a protracted legal battle stemming from an unsettling encounter with alleged squatters who have taken over their prized investment property. The luxurious Lakeside Avenue duplex, valued at a staggering $930,000, has become the focal point of a contentious dispute, shedding light on the complexities and challenges inherent in New York City’s housing laws.

The couple’s ordeal began when they made a shocking discovery: unauthorized individuals had surreptitiously occupied their property, effectively usurping their ownership rights. Despite the couple’s repeated efforts to assert their legal ownership and reclaim possession of their home, they encountered formidable obstacles, emblematic of the legal quagmire posed by New York City’s permissive laws regarding squatter rights.

New York’s housing laws, particularly those on squatters’ rights, have long been a source of contention and debate. Under the city’s regulations, individuals who occupy a property for as little as 30 days gain a foothold in the legal system, entitling them to various protections that significantly impede the rightful owner’s ability to evict them. This legal framework, while ostensibly intended to safeguard vulnerable occupants, has inadvertently provided opportunistic individuals with a means to exploit the system for their gain.

NYC Couple Sued by People Who Took Over Their Expensive House and Won't Leave: "It's Totally Crazy!"

In the case of Fulman and Kurlyand, the challenges posed by the squatters’ presence have been compounded by the ambiguities and loopholes inherent in New York’s housing laws. Despite compelling evidence supporting the couple’s ownership claim, including forged documents and dubious lease agreements presented by the settlers, navigating the intricacies of the legal process has proven to be an arduous and protracted ordeal.

The couple’s experience underscores broader concerns regarding the need for comprehensive reforms to address the systemic issues plaguing New York City’s housing landscape. While efforts have been made to bolster protections for property owners and mitigate the impact of squatting, the persistence of such challenges highlights the imperative for legislative action to effect meaningful change.

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As Fulman and Kurlyand await resolution in court, their plight serves as a sobering reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in the city’s housing market and the urgent need for reform to safeguard the rights of property owners. Amidst the uncertainty and anxiety that accompany their legal battle, the couple remains resolute in their determination to reclaim ownership of their cherished investment property and bring an end to the harrowing ordeal inflicted upon them by those who have brazenly usurped their home.

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