Governor Abbott Says Texas Will ‘Use Our Power’ While Waiting for Immigration Decision!


Cybersecdn- Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has reaffirmed the state’s commitment to protecting its southern border, citing the federal government’s failure to enforce immigration laws. In a statement posted on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Abbott declared, “Texas will exercise our sovereign authority to protect our southern border—and our nation.” This proclamation comes amidst a contentious legal battle between the state and the Biden administration over immigration policy.

Abbott’s remarks follow recent efforts by the Texas National Guard to reinforce border barriers and stem the flow of illegal crossings. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data, Texas experienced a decrease in encounters along its border, with each of its five sectors reporting fewer instances compared to previous periods. However, Abbott contends that the federal government’s approach to immigration enforcement remains inadequate, leading Texas to take matters into its own hands.

Governor Abbott Says Texas Will 'Use Our Power' While Waiting for Immigration Decision

The Biden administration has refuted Abbott’s claims of lax enforcement, citing record deportation numbers since May of the preceding year. Nonetheless, tensions persist between federal and state authorities, exemplified by legal disputes over legislation such as SB 4, which criminalizes illegal border crossings in Texas.

SB 4, passed by the state legislature last year, faces legal challenges from the Biden administration, which argues that only the federal government possesses the authority to enforce immigration law. A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the implementation of SB 4 pending further judicial review, underscoring the broader constitutional questions surrounding states’ rights in immigration enforcement.

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As Texas awaits a ruling on the legality of SB 4, Governor Abbott remains steadfast in his commitment to securing the state’s border and upholding what he perceives as its sovereign authority in matters of immigration policy.

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