Guaranteed Basic Income Initiative in New York is Supporting Homeless Families; Check for More Details


As part of a new scheme called “guaranteed basic income,” a nonprofit is getting ready to give out millions of dollars over the next two years.

The Gothamist reports that Win, a company in New York City that runs homeless shelters, has started a program to help homeless families with young children. The program will give them regular cash payments for two years to help them leave shelters faster.

In New York City, Win has 450 housing units, making it the biggest provider of family shelter in New York City. The program will begin in its shelters in central Brooklyn as a test project.

As part of the scheme, 100 families will be chosen to receive $17,000 a year in cash payments made every month through debit cards. To be qualified, a family must have a child younger than two years old and be ready to live in a shelter.

There are no rules about how people can use the money, so they can do what they want. Vanderbilt University researchers will keep track of the program’s effects for five years.

Just one year ago, it was found that New York had the most homeless people in the US. The New York Times said that more than 100,000 people were staying in shelters in New York City. This was partly because of the large number of migrants.

In the beginning of this year, a controversial trial program began giving 500 migrant families pre-paid credit cards.

It is reported by Newsweek that each recipient gets about $350 a month to spend on food and baby supplies. This is more money than low-income people in the state get through SNAP.

It is the goal of dozens of new guaranteed income programs across the US to see what happens when people who are having trouble making ends meet get direct help.

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