Heated Discussion: A Mother in Texas Gets a Bill for More than $3,000 from The Hotel Where Her Son Died!


cybersecdn- People are very upset about Beverly, a mother from North Texas, getting a bill for more than $3,000 from the NYLO hotel where her son Clayton Carson sadly died. The fees were for “Hazmat” cleaning of the room where Clayton’s body was found months after he had died.

Even though Beverly tried to get the charges reversed, it wasn’t until NBC 5 stepped in that the hotel management decided to do so, saying the charge had been made in error.

Public Opinion

Readers’ comments show a range of emotions, from sympathy to anger to doubt.

A lot of people felt bad for Beverly and her family and sent them apologies and prayers. It was clear to them that the event must have been very hard on the family, especially since they were already grieving.

“I’m sorry for your loss. I will pray for you and your family. May God bless you and your family. Hearts are hurt. Sad. “Take care of your family and yourself.”

On the other hand, a lot of users were angry that the hotel decided to originally charge Beverly. They didn’t believe the hotel’s claim that the charge was made by mistake and said that the only reason the charge was reversed was because of the publicity surrounding the event.

“The only reason they reversed the charges is because she called them out.”

“The charge was made in error because she made it public news.”

Some readers were also worried about how the hotel was charging them, with some suggesting possible fraud. They said that the hotel tried to charge the credit card several times, changing the amount each time until the card would accept it.

It’s not possible to charge a credit card three times in a row. It looks like they meant for it to happen.”

But some readers had a different opinion. They said the hotel might have been right to charge for the cleaning services. They talked about how the situation was similar to other places where cleanup costs are needed, like a home or hospital.

“You’d hire a hazmat team to clean up his house if he died there.” If you die, the hospital won’t pay your bill again. “If you charge someone a hazmat fee, shouldn’t that person have to pay it?”

Most people who have heard about the story are critical of the hotel’s original choice to charge Beverly for the cleanup services. Many people think that the charges were dropped only because the event was made public, not because of a real mistake. Some people, though, think the hotel might have been right to charge for the cleaning services, pointing to similar situations that have happened in other places.

What Do You Think?

We want our readers to tell us what they think about this. Do you believe the hotel had a right to charge for the cleaning? Or do you think the charge was dropped only because it was made public? Leave your thoughts in the box below.

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