Man Accused of Installing GPS Tracker on His Wife’s Car During Divorce Proceedings Has Bond Set at $100.


cybersecdn- A man in Texas was arrested for reportedly putting a GPS tracking device on his divorced wife’s car while they were still married. His bond was set at a very low $100.

His soon-to-be ex-wife saw his truck stopped near the Houston restaurant where she had gone for lunch and called the police. Yosemite Mariscal, 33, was arrested and charged with illegally installing a tracking device.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous for her safety, told the local station, “I saw his car and had no doubt that it was his.”

“I couldn’t settle down with something.” “I told myself, “He has to be following me in some way.””

They had been married for 13 years and had three young children together. Mariscal took the kids with him to lunch with his wife.

She confronted her ex-husband because she thought something was wrong. He allegedly admitted putting the device on her car in person and over text, saying it was just for his safety, she said.

“He put it between the trunk and the shell…” “That’s why it was tucked in,” she said. “That’s why I could never have seen it.” The scared woman chose to call the police.

She told ABC13, “I told him I was going to call the police to protect myself.” “When the police showed up, he lied and said he hadn’t worn a GPS tracker.” There wasn’t anything there. I was lucky that I had the text messages and the video.

His ex-wife told him that she had to protect herself and her kids, even if it meant getting the father of their children arrested.

Texas Man Allegedly Put Gps Device

“Most of us who deal with abuse. They don’t press charges because they’re afraid of what their family will think or being seen as the bad guy, she said. “But I think you should report that for the person’s safety in the end.”

The station said that Mariscal was jailed but quickly paid the $100 bond for the misdemeanor charge.

As she went on, “They don’t have a criminal record, and when they go, they’re released right away. That gives them a chance to possibly hurt the other person if the person is violent.”

She said she was glad her ex-husband wasn’t violent and that he knows he did something wrong.

“I can’t see how things would be different if it was someone who was violent and wanted to get back at the spouse in some way,” she said.

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