Historic Opening: UES’s First Legal Cannabis Store Set for January!


Cybersecdn- New York City’s Upper East Side (UES) is set to experience a historic moment on January 4th with the opening of The Herbal Care (THC), the first legal cannabis store in the neighborhood. Located at 1412 Lexington Avenue, THC is not just a regular cannabis shop; it aims to redefine the cannabis retail experience with its selection of NY-grown cannabis products and high-end accessories.

The brainchild behind this revolutionary enterprise is Markel Bababekov, a local entrepreneur also known for Celestial Cleaners on East 68th Street. Bababekov’s journey has been marked by his status as a ‘justice-involved applicant,’ a designation by the Office of Cannabis Management acknowledging those affected by past cannabis convictions. His commitment to the cannabis industry is rooted in his personal experiences, including challenges and triumphs that reflect the resilience of justice-involved individuals.

UES Welcomes First Legal

While specifics of the shop’s inventory are still under wraps, representatives hint at a curated range of cannabis products designed to appeal to both beginners and connoisseurs. But THC’s allure extends beyond its products. The store is envisioned as a cultural hub, intertwining the essence of New York with the revolutionary spirit of the cannabis movement, highlighted by local art installations.

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The opening of THC in the UES is more than a business launch; it’s a symbol of progress and a shift in societal perceptions of cannabis. It represents a new chapter in New York City’s relationship with cannabis, heralding an era where it’s not just accepted but celebrated for its diversity and cultural significance.

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