NYC New Year’s Rampage: NJ Man Arrested with Cocaine Cache in Luxury Car!


Cybersecdn- Mohamed Alaouie, a 44-year-old from Fort Lee, New Jersey, was involved in a dramatic incident in Midtown Manhattan on New Year’s Day. According to authorities, Alaouie, while driving under the influence, struck two police officers and four pedestrians in a chaotic spree that caused widespread alarm.

The incident began with Alaouie fighting with his girlfriend inside his black Mercedes-Benz. When bystanders flagged down police officers, Alaouie accelerated his vehicle, hitting several marked police cars and people. In the melee, his car also rammed into a halal cart, causing a woman to be pinned underneath.

NJ man had 'large quantity' of crack cocaine in Mercedes during New Year's  rampage in NYC: cops

Alaouie’s actions led to several injuries, although miraculously, all were minor. He was eventually apprehended by the police on West 34th Street and 9th Avenue. Upon his arrest, a significant amount of crack cocaine was discovered in his vehicle, leading to charges including attempted murder of a police officer, assault, reckless endangerment, and drug possession.

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This incident underscores ongoing concerns about drug-related violence in the city and the dangers posed by impaired driving. The aftermath left the community in shock, with witnesses describing the scene as ‘chaotic’ and ‘frightening.’

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