Holiday Joy in Ohio: Operation Santa’s Sleigh Lights Up Hospitals!


cybersecdn- Bringing festive cheer to those who need it most, first responders in Ohio participated in the fifth annual “Operation Santa’s Sleigh.” This heartwarming event is part of the Light Ohio Blue campaign, designed to spread joy and unity, especially to children hospitalized during the holiday season.

The procession, which included emergency vehicles adorned with lights and accompanied by Santa Claus, passed several hospitals in Hamilton County. These included the VA Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and UC Medical Center. The light show lasted just over an hour, illuminating the night and bringing smiles to patients and staff alike.

Operation Santa's Sleigh Lights Up Hospitals

Sergeant Anthony Mitchell emphasized the significance of this event in lifting spirits and reinforcing a sense of community during the holidays. “Operation Santa’s Sleigh” is more than a parade; it’s a symbol of love and support for those facing challenging times during what should be the most joyful season of the year.

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