Legislative Updates 2024: Key Laws Impacting New York, New Jersey, Connecticut!


Cybersecdn- The onset of 2024 ushers in an array of new laws across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, encompassing economic, educational, and social dimensions. These changes aim to level the economic playing field, enhance public welfare, and address contemporary social issues.

In New York, under Governor Kathy Hochul’s administration, there’s a notable rise in the minimum wage, reaching $16 per hour in select regions and $15 in the rest of the state. This change is accompanied by a public awareness campaign and a call to action for minimum wage earners to report non-compliance.

Moreover, New York has introduced enhanced protections for freelance workers and tenants. The “Freelance Isn’t Free” Act mandates written contracts and timely payments, while new housing laws focus on water safety and security device installations.

 New Jersey and Connecticut in 2024

New Jersey’s legislative updates include a minimum wage increase to $15.13 per hour and expanded access to protective orders. Additionally, over-the-counter birth control becomes more accessible, and menstrual products will be provided free in schools for grades 6-12.

Connecticut’s new laws feature tax reductions targeted at middle-class taxpayers, a novel 30% Broadway tax credit, and increased contributions to the firefighter’s cancer relief account. Each state’s legislative advancements reflect an evolving approach to governance, aiming to address current societal needs and promote equitable growth and safety.

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