Lindsey Graham ‘Threw Trump Under The Bus’ In Secret Testimony, New Book Claims!


Cybersecdn Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), known for his steadfast support of former President Donald Trump, is now making headlines for a surprising twist. An upcoming book, titled “Find Me the Votes: A Hard-Charging Georgia Prosecutor, a Rogue President, and the Plot to Steal an American Election” by Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman, alleges that Graham took a surprising stance during his secret testimony to a grand jury in the Georgia election subversion case.

Graham, who had vigorously defended Trump in public, reportedly made a significant about-face in his testimony. Despite his efforts to avoid testifying, including an appeal to the Supreme Court, the senator was described as cooperative once he finally took the stand.

According to the forthcoming book and corroborated by secret grand jury testimony in Fulton County, Graham asserted that Trump would believe even the most outlandish claims about election fraud. Politico reported that Graham told the grand jury, “If you told Trump ‘That Martians came and stole the election, he’d probably believe you.'”

This revelation is not entirely new, as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported a similar statement from Graham the previous year, stating that he had told the grand jury that “if somebody had told Trump that aliens came down and stole Trump ballots, that Trump would’ve believed it.”

The new book, however, delves even further into Graham’s testimony, claiming that he “also suggested to the grand jurors that Trump cheated at golf.” Following his testimony, Graham reportedly met Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in a hallway and hugged her, expressing that the experience was “so cathartic,” as reported by Politico.


These revelations come amid ongoing legal troubles for the former president. Trump has been charged with a total of 13 felony counts in the Georgia election subversion case, which is currently pending. Additionally, he faces a total of 91 felony counts across four different criminal cases.

Lindsey Graham Accused of Betraying Trump

The book, “Find Me the Votes,” is set to be released on January 30, promising to shed further light on the intricate details surrounding these allegations.

The public response to these claims has been mixed, with some viewing Graham’s testimony as a surprising act of candor, while others question the motivations behind his statements. Trump’s loyal base has largely remained steadfast in their support for the former president, while some political observers see this revelation as a potential turning point in Graham’s relationship with Trump and the Republican Party.

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While Graham’s testimony has dominated recent headlines, it is important to remember that it is just one piece of the larger puzzle surrounding the 2020 election and its aftermath. The legal proceedings and investigations are ongoing, and the full story has yet to be revealed.

As we await the release of “Find Me the Votes” and the further details it may provide, it is clear that the political landscape remains turbulent and unpredictable. The relationship between key figures like Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump continues to evolve, leaving many to speculate on what the future holds for the Republican Party and the broader implications for American politics.

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