Ohio’s Fast-Food Frenzy: Nearing the Top Spot in Chipotle Count!


Cybersecdn WCMH reports from Columbus, Ohio: People in Ohio love Chipotle. These are the three states in the country with the most Mexican restaurants. Ohio has one of them.

The website for Chipotle says that it has more than 3,300 sites in the United States. Only California (457) and Texas (281), two other states, have more sites than Ohio (230). With 21 sites, Columbus also has the most Chipotles of any city in the United States.

Ohio's Fast-Food Frenzy

In addition to moving its restaurants, the company also moved some of its corporate functions to the capital city of Ohio. There are 56 Chipotle restaurants in New York City. The next most popular cities are Chicago (40), Houston (33), Los Angeles (24), and Washington, DC (22). Ohio and Brooklyn are tied for sixth place with 21 points each.

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The first Chipotle opened in Denver in 1993. There are now only 15 sites. From what Chipotle says, the company is on the Fortune 500 list and on the 2023 lists for Fortune’s Most Admired Companies and Time Magazine’s Most Influential Companies.

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