Migrants Fleeing the Southern Border to Chicago Are Being Flown by Texas. Over 120 Individuals Were on Board the First Plane!


cybersecdn- The state of Texas sent a plane with more than 120 migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to Chicago. This was an expansion of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s busing program, which since last year has given more than 80,000 migrants free rides to places across the country run by Democrats.

Abbott’s office said the first flight left from El Paso and landed on Tuesday. It was planned a week after the city council of Chicago took new action against the busloads of migrants, which drew harsh criticism from Mayor Brandon Johnson. The city said that bus companies started dropping off passengers in nearby cities to avoid fines, tows, or property seizures.

If bus drivers in Chicago don’t unload new passengers at a certain spot or don’t fill out city papers, they could now face harsher penalties. Andrew Mahaleris, a spokesman for Abbott, said on Wednesday that the flights were caused by Johnson “targeting migrant buses” from Texas.

The flight left the day after Abbott passed a new law this week that lets Texas police arrest people who cross the border illegally. This is the latest in a string of harsh actions the state has taken against President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Texas Begins Flying Migrants

Mahaleris said, “Until President Biden steps up and does his job to secure the border, Texas will continue to take historic steps to help our local partners deal with this Biden-made crisis.”

The White House didn’t like the flight and said Abbott was using refugees for political gain.

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An official from the White House said in a statement, “Once again, Governor Abbott is showing how little regard or respect he has for human beings.” “This latest political stunt is just another one of his extreme policies that try to make people look bad and less human.”

An office for the governor says that as part of Abbott’s Operation Lone Star border mission, more than 23,000 refugees have been sent to Chicago on buses. Along the border, razor wire, buoy barriers in the Rio Grande, and more officers have been put up as part of the multibillion-dollar effort.

A federal appeals court told the Biden administration on Tuesday that they can’t cut the concertina wire along the border until a legal battle is over. When asked for a comment on the flights to Johnson’s city, his office did not reply right away.

Concerns have been raised about the living conditions and medical care given to asylum seekers coming to Chicago. The death of a 5-year-old boy living at a temporary center for migrants over the weekend brought these issues to light.

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