Moviegoers Criticize ‘Really Gross ‘They Are Claiming that The AMC Cinema in New York City is Rat-Ridden: ‘We Tallied 9’!


Cybersecdn- In a bizarre twist reminiscent of a horror movie, the AMC Orpheum 7 theater on East 86th Street and Third Avenue in New York City has been reportedly overrun by rats. Moviegoers have shared harrowing experiences, describing the theater as “filthy” and infested with rodents.

A recent account on Nextdoor highlighted the severity of the situation, with one patron recounting the sight of nine rats scurrying around during a movie. The ordeal didn’t end there. Nineteen-year-old Lilliana and her friend, visiting from D.C., encountered a rat during a 4 p.m. screening of “Wonka” on December 21.

Lilliana’s friend, startled by the experience, reflected on the unexpected encounter. Their experience was echoed by Connelly Roberge, 17, who witnessed a rat during the movie previews and promptly left the theater along with other disturbed moviegoers. The problem appears to be longstanding, with a staggering 12 rodent-related incidents reported in 2023, according to the city’s 311 hotline.

This includes a disturbing incident on Christmas night. Customers have expressed frustration with the theater’s staff, who seem indifferent to the issue. Roberge shared an encounter with customer service, where their concerns were met with confusion and indifference. In one instance, despite enduring the two-hour film, patrons were denied refunds, leaving them frustrated and disappointed.

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Other moviegoers, like Austin M. and Jazmin, a Yorkville resident, have also reported sightings of rodents in different auditoriums, indicating a widespread issue within the theater. The city’s Health Department, responsible for inspecting theaters and assigning letter grades similar to restaurants, has stated its commitment to investigating all complaints and ensuring resolution.

However, the AMC Orpheum 7 theater manager declined to comment on the situation. Ryan Noonan, AMC Theatres’ vice president of corporate communications, emphasized the seriousness with which AMC is addressing the issue, including regular pest control treatments.

Moviegoers Criticize ‘Really Gross ‘They Are Claiming that The AMC Cinema in New York City is Rat-Ridden: 'We Tallied 9'!

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