Texas New Year’s Eve: Liquor Stores Closed by State Regulation!


Cybersecdn- Due to laws that go back decades, Texas liquor shops will be closed for 61 hours around New Year’s Eve. They will close at 9:01 p.m. on Saturday and reopen at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. The longer closing time is because of the Texas Booze Control Act of 1935, which says that booze stores can’t be open on Sundays or some holidays.

Liquor Stores Closed by State Regulation

When Christmas or New Year’s Day comes on a Monday, Texans can’t get to liquor stores for a longer time. This is the case starting in 2024. In March 2023, State Sen. Kelly Hancock put forward a bill that would let grocery and convenience stores sell ready-to-drink cocktails on Sundays. This is part of a trend in Texas to loosen liquor rules.

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A law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2021 says that sales of beer and wine on Sundays must begin at 10 a.m. This did not affect sales of liquor, though.

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