Today’s Wordle Puzzle Is for December 31. Here Are the Answers and Some Tips!


Cybersecdn-  Hi there! It must be time for Wordle since you’re here. We’re giving you our daily hints and tips to help you figure out the answer today, as always.

Just want to know what the word for today is? You can skip to the end of this piece and find the answer for December 30. If you’d rather figure it out on your own, though, keep reading for some hints, tips, and plans to help you.

Where did Wordle come from?

According to reports, engineer Josh Wardle made Wordle as a gift for his partner. It quickly became a worldwide hit, and now thousands of people play it every day. Fans also made their own versions of Wordle, such as the battle royale game Squabble, the music recognition game Heardle, and variations that make you guess more than one word at once, like Dordle and Quordle.

In the end, Wordle became so famous that the New York Times bought it. TikTok creators even livestream themselves playing.

Not the day you want? The answer for December 30th is here.

What’s the Best Wordle Starting Word?

It’s best to start with a word that makes you feel something. If you’d rather be smart about it, though, here are some ideas to help you choose a word that might help you get to the answer faster. One tip is to pick a word with some common sounds like S, T, R, or N and at least two different vowels.

What Happened to The Wordle Archive?

Every single one of the old Wordle puzzles used to be open for everyone to enjoy whenever they wanted. It was taken down, though, and the person who made the website said it was because the New York Times asked them to.

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Is Wordle Getting Harder?

Wordle isn’t harder than it was at the beginning, even though it seems like it’s getting harder. Wordle does have a “Hard Mode” that you can use if you want a more difficult experience.

How Come Some Days the Wordle Answer Is Different?

Most of the time, Wordle will only accept one right answer per day. But sometimes it has gone against the grain and accepted two answers. This is because of changes the New York Times made to Wordle after they bought the game.

Today's Wordle Answer & Hints for December 31

The Times has since added its own list of new words, so this should happen even less often than before. You should clear your browser’s cache before starting a new game so that you don’t get lost.

Here’s a tip for the Wordle answer for today:
Something that tastes salty or mineral-like.

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Does Today’s Wordle Answer Have a Double Letter?

Sometimes the same letter shows up twice.

There is a five-letter word that starts with what today?
The wordle for today starts with the letter S.

What’s the Answer to Wordle Today?

t’s your last chance to solve today’s Wordle puzzle before we share the answer, so make your best guess now.

Let the drums begin!

What is the answer to Wordle #925?


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