New Florida Law Targets False Gender Claims on Driver’s Licenses!


Cybersecdn Transgender people can no longer change the gender marker on their driver’s licenses, which is a controversial move by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. In a statement sent on January 26, Deputy Executive Director Dave Kerner laid out this policy, which says that from now on, “gender” will only mean “biological sex.”

Any change or “misrepresentation” of biological sex on a driver’s license, the letter says, could lead to fraud charges, which could have civil and criminal effects, including the license being taken away. The department believes that gender identity makes it harder for the state to enforce its rules because it can be interpreted differently by different people and can be changed.

This includes rules that say transgender people can’t use bathrooms that match their gender identity and rules that aim to improve medical care for adults. Because of this policy, Florida could be the first state to use criminal fines to enforce such limits.

This policy seems to be part of a larger trend of presidential actions in many states. For example, the Board of Medicine in Florida has banned transgender care, and other states have taken similar steps to limit access to education and health care. This new rule could have very serious effects, including making all transgender people’s driver’s cards that don’t match their biological sex fake.

New Florida Law Targets False Gender Claims on Driver's Licenses!

This could cause problems with the law in everyday situations like road stops. This policy is based on ongoing legislative efforts. For example, House Bills 1233 and 1639 aim to limit gender markers on driver’s licenses in the same way.

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The policy has immediate legal and deeply personal effects on the daily lives of transgender people in Florida. Representative Eskamani says that many of them are already thinking about or have taken steps to leave the state because of how hostile the environment is becoming.

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