NJ Floods: Thousands Evacuated or Stranded as Christmas Approaches!


cybersecdn- Many people in a few towns in North Jersey are still not in their homes after having to leave because of dangerously high floods. More than a thousand people are stuck because of the heavy rain that fell on the area on Sunday and Monday, which caused the Passaic and Pompton Rivers and many of their branches to flood.

Families are very stressed out about it days before Christmas. Some people in the state have asked what the government is doing to make sure there is enough help. On Wednesday, the office of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said that resources are being made available.

Two and a half days after it stopped raining, Route 46 East at the border between Fairfield and Wayne was still closed on Wednesday night. At Exit 47B on I-80 East, lanes were closed because of floods on the road.

High water was another reason why Paterson Public Schools said Wednesday night that the third-largest city schools in New Jersey would be closed until January 2. That means Jayla Garcia-Arthur, who is in fifth grade, will be home with her mother Brittany Arthur for even longer.

They were making paper boats at home on a flooded street on Wednesday, but they stopped to check on the water level. The mother said, “It wasn’t to our step before, and it looks like it’s grown a lot.” “It looks like things are getting worse.”

NJ Floods: Thousands Evacuated or Stranded

As of 5:45 a.m. Wednesday, the National Weather Service said the Passaic River had reached its highest point. However, it was expected to stay in major flood stage until Thursday evening. People in Paterson had to leave their homes because of it, but Arthur said she and her family planned to stay put as long as they had power in the house.

Northern New Jersey was hit by floods that destroyed or damaged homes in Chatham, Little Falls, Lodi, Millington, Paterson, and Wayne. People who hadn’t already left Finn’s Mobile Home Park in Wayne, either on their own or because the cops told them to, made the most of it.

NJ Floods: Thousands Evacuated or Stranded

Anna Laureano said, “I was given to you in waders because we need to go get something.” Anthony Ford, her boyfriend, carried her to his SUV while wearing hip boots to protect him from the deep water. His car was parked on a little higher ground, so it stayed dry.

She said that Laureano was well aware that the water was everywhere. She said that her dad was staying at a nearby hotel so that he wouldn’t have to drive through all the high water to get to work. She also said that everywhere she goes, all she sees is water. “There are no open ways for us to get to work,” she said. It’s closed in all around.”

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