Warning: “Code Brown” in Texas Means to Remain Alert—Be Wary!


This is Christmas time in Texas, so everyone is scrambling to finish their last-minute shopping. Everyone knows that H-E-B is the place to go in Texas for groceries, but if you’re looking for anything else, Walmart is your only option. Many people’s worst traits are on display when they visit Walmart around the holidays.

Hearing “Code Brown” in Walmart Could Have You in Danger!

Alert: ‘Code Brown’ In Texas Walmart’s

Be mindful that Walmart must navigate both the Black Friday and Christmas seasons. During the holiday season, everyone has heard that there are certain regulations that shoppers must adhere to when visiting any store.

Nobody ever mentions “CODE BROWN,” which might save your life if you’re shopping at Walmart, so stay close to your purse or handbag and grasp your child’s hand or keep them from wandering off.

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