North Korea’s Constitution Revision: A Turn from Reunification Path!


Cybersecdn- In a significant political shift, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has announced a constitutional amendment that effectively dismisses any prospects of peaceful reunification with South Korea. Declaring South Korea as the “primary foe,” Kim Jong Un’s stance intensifies the tensions between the two Koreas, as well as with the United States, South Korea’s close ally.

North Korea's Constitution Revision

This announcement marks the end of decades-long efforts aimed at unification and emerges amidst escalating rhetoric from North Korea, now consistently labeling South Korea as its “principal enemy.” The timing is particularly sensitive given the upcoming national elections in South Korea. Kim Jong Un has also threatened to annihilate South Korea in response to any provocation, a statement that raises concerns about potential conflicts along the heavily fortified border.

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Further emphasizing this aggressive shift, Kim Jong Un has dissolved three key government agencies previously responsible for managing relations with South Korea, signaling a dramatic increase in the likelihood of violent confrontations between the North and South.

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