NYC Mystery: Severed Head in Fridge Linked to Drug Dealer’s Disappearance!


Cybersecdn Police sources who talked to The Post say that the head that had been cut off and other body parts that were found hidden in plastic bags in a freezer in a Brooklyn apartment are likely those of a nearby drug dealer who went missing last year.

The woman who lives in the apartment and is currently a person of interest in the case told police that her husband killed the drug dealer in September after a fight over drugs and put his body parts in the fridge. This information came from the cops after seeing the horrible scene in Flatbush on Monday.

Heather Stines, 45, has not been charged; friends and other people who know her have known her for a while. She is currently getting a psychiatric test.

The Post is not publishing her husband’s name because he has not been officially linked to the death.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said at a press conference on Tuesday about the case that police were called to the apartment on Nostrand Avenue at 6:15 a.m. on Monday because someone said there was a body hidden inside.

Severed Head in Fridge Linked to Drug Dealer's

According to the sources, when Stines tried to keep police from looking inside the fridge, where the head and other body parts were on ice, they found that it was taped shut and arrested her.

When Stines was arrested, police said she had several warrants out for her arrest for small thefts. At the moment, she is being watched at Brookdale Hospital.

Sources say that Stines recognized the drug dealer from a picture and said that the tattoo on the body that had been cut up matched the tattoo on the missing man.

Building neighbors say that Stines used to let the missing drug dealer sleep in her apartment sometimes, but in the last few months, she has refused to let anyone near her fridge.

The renter, Dorothy Williams, said, “She would never let anyone in her kitchen, ever.” “She let me into her apartment, but not the kitchen.” Only the bathroom was open to the super. She never let him into the kitchen.

Williams told the police that the woman was from Kentucky and had lived in the building for about six years. She told him that her husband was in Virginia jail for identity theft.

She said a counselor would check in on the couple from time to time, but it wasn’t always done. Williams shared, “She just told me that her caseworker was here.” But their caseworker doesn’t come by and look at anything. They just stick their head in, say, “Everything is fine inside,” and leave.

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Neighbors upstairs also said that the case made them think of a different, better-known case. Catherine Montez Acarte, a renter, said, “It makes me think of Jeffrey Dahmer.” The body parts were just hidden in the fridge by her. It was shaking me. It’s very scary.”

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