NYPD Officer Sues Over Alleged Unfair Racial Bias Accusation in Brooklyn!


Cybersecdn- In a significant legal development, NYPD Detective Salvatore Rizzo has filed a lawsuit against the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), its chair, and its lead prosecutor, alleging defamation and slander. The lawsuit, lodged in Manhattan Supreme Court, stems from an incident on September 27, 2020, where Det. Rizzo reportedly drew his weapon on a black teenager during a police check. Despite being cleared of any wrongdoing in a departmental trial, Rizzo claims the CCRB continued to portray him as racially biased.

Paul DiGiacomo, President of the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association, has publicly supported Rizzo’s stance, emphasizing the serious nature of the detective’s allegations. The lawsuit specifically accuses CCRB officials of perpetuating a false narrative of racial prejudice, potentially damaging Rizzo’s career and reputation.

NYPD detective sues Civilian Complaint Review Board

The 2020 incident occurred when Rizzo and fellow officers encountered two individuals asleep in a car. According to the CCRB, the situation escalated when one of the individuals, a teenager, made sudden movements, prompting Rizzo to draw his gun. However, Rizzo maintains that his actions were justified and in line with his training and NYPD regulations.

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The CCRB initiated disciplinary proceedings against Rizzo in April 2022 but he was subsequently cleared of the charges. Despite this, Rizzo asserts that CCRB Chairwoman Avra Rice and prosecutor Nishat Tabassum continued to malign him publicly, leading to the current lawsuit. The CCRB, in response, has defended its actions, citing its role in addressing police misconduct and over-policing in black neighborhoods.

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