Police Alert: A Woman Asks Police to Check on Her 103-Year-Old Aunt!


Cybersecdn- A woman from Mentor, Ohio, requested a welfare check at the home of her 103-year-old aunt on January 19, 2024. She informed the officers that her aunt had told her that her son went outside to shovel the driveway and did not return home. The Gates Mills police officers found the son just returning to the home as they arrived and confirmed that he and his mother were okay.

According to the Gates Mills Police Blotter, the incident occurred during a week of extreme winter weather in Ohio. The National Weather Service had issued a winter storm warning for the region, with snow and ice accumulations expected to cause hazardous travel conditions. The Ohio Department of Transportation deployed more than 1,000 snowplows and salt trucks to clear the roads.

 103-Year-Old Aunt

The extreme weather conditions had caused several accidents and fatalities across the state. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) reported that 34 people had lost their lives across the state due to the extreme winter weather that occurred over the past week. The Tennessee Department of Health confirmed that 25 people from across the state died as a result of the storms.

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Warming centers were open in several counties across the state. In Nashville, the city was operating a 24-hour cold weather shelter at 3230 Brick Church Pike when temperatures stayed below 32 degrees. State officials asked that people limit their power consumption if they were able to as demand on the power grid had “significantly increased” during the cold weather. The power grid was still stable, and only 300 outages were reported statewide Saturday afternoon, TEMA said.

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