Ohio Tragedy: Baby in Critical Condition Following Botched Police Raid!


Cybersecdn- In a disturbing incident in Ohio, Courtney Price recounts a police raid that left her 17-month-old son, Waylon, in critical condition. During the raid, a flash-bang explosion shattered a nearby window, resulting in the child being hospitalized with burns, glass injuries, and smoke exposure. Price describes a chaotic scene of smoke and armed officers, contributing to her hesitancy in approaching her son amidst the turmoil.

The child was diagnosed with chemical pneumonitis, presumably from the chemicals in the flash bang, a claim contested by the Elyria Police Department. They assert that no visible injuries were observed on the child at the scene and deny allegations of chemical exposure.

Media Jennings, another occupant of the home, expressed distress over repeated police visits for a suspect she claims does not reside there. She highlighted the sense of unsafety and property damage, including broken furniture and stains.

The incident has led the family to consider legal action against the police department. The mayor of the city has expressed deep concern and is reviewing bodycam footage as part of an ongoing investigation into the department’s conduct. This footage is slated to be released to the public.

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This case raises critical questions about police tactics, the impact on innocent bystanders, especially vulnerable individuals like children, and the urgent need for accountability and transparency in law enforcement operations.

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