Pizza Hut’s Winter Treat: Special Menu Brings Back by Popular Demand!


Cybersecdn-Pizza Hut has brought back its Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Wings to heat the rest of winter. The sweet and spicy trend is popping up everywhere and Pizza Hut is hopping back on the train. Last year, Pizza Hut launched both Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Wings for a limited time and in limited locations, and it was a huge hit.

Instead of drizzling hot honey on top of the pizza once it was cooked, Pizza Hut decided to bake it right in, which amplified the flavor and the experience. Predicting food trends can be hit or miss and understanding what consumers want isn’t always easy. That’s why Pizza Hut conducted a survey to gain insight into recent pizza preferences. It turns out, it’s a return of the fan-favorite.

Pizza Hut Brings Back Special Menu


The Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Wings are currently back in all locations, nationwide, but only for a limited time. The pizza has a starting price of $11.99 and a 6-count of wings has a starting price of $5.99. According to Rachel Antalek, Pizza Hut’s Chief Food Innovation Officer, “Pizza Hut commits modernizing flavors is at the forefront of our brand identity.

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This leads to trends and going bigger on flavor, as exemplified by the tremendous success of our Hot Honey test, which exceeded guest expectations. This bold innovation not only elevates our pizza experience but also opens up exciting opportunities to showcase our wings.

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