Police Association Condemns AG’s Action in Recent Drug-Related Death Case!


Cybersecdn- In a case that has sparked widespread controversy and debate, NYPD Sgt. Erik Duran faces criminal charges over his involvement in the death of a drug suspect, following an indictment by the State Attorney General’s office. The incident, which took place in The Bronx, saw Sgt. Duran throws a cooler at the scooter-riding suspect, leading to a fatal crash.

Set to surrender at the Bronx Hall of Justice, Sgt. Duran’s actions have been sharply criticized by Attorney General Letitia James, while simultaneously drawing strong support from the Sergeants’ Benevolent Association (SBA). SBA President Vincent Vallelong decried the indictment, arguing that Sgt. Duran’s actions were a split-second decision made in the interest of public safety and should not be criminalized.

The incident unfolded on Aqueduct Avenue near West 190th Street in Kingsbridge Heights. Eric Duprey, the suspect, who had a history of crack cocaine sales and was fleeing a drug bust, allegedly drove dangerously on a sidewalk at 40 mph. The SBA contends that Sgt. Duran’s intervention prevented potential harm to civilians.

Police Association Condemns AG's Action

However, this view is not universal. Critics, including AG James, argue for a thorough investigation, suggesting that the sergeant’s actions may not have been justifiable. The case has raised significant questions about police conduct and accountability, especially in high-pressure situations.

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In a stark reflection of the case’s complexity, Sgt. Duran has also faced threats from Duprey’s family in Pennsylvania, further complicating the narrative. The SBA has called for support for Sgt. Duran, urged officers to remain cautious in their duties, warning of potential political ramifications from their actions.

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