Polk County Sheriff’s Office Seizes Multiple Cats, Arrests Florida Woman for Animal and Elderly Neglect!


Cybersecdn-  In a concerning incident of neglect, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a woman, Sharon Cochran, 57, on charges of animal and elderly neglect. This case came to light following a well-being check at a residence on Pope Lane, concerning an elderly woman with limited mobility living there.

Upon arrival, deputies were confronted with a disturbing scene. The house emitted a strong ammonia smell, with visible feces and over 30 cats in poor condition. The interior of the home was in disarray, with piles of trash and multiple underweight cats clearly in need of care.

Cochran, identified as the sole caretaker of the 82-year-old resident, was taken into custody following these discoveries. The charges against Cochran include 36 counts of animal neglect and one count of neglect of an elderly person. In a swift response, detectives and Animal Control officers removed 35 cats and one dog from the premises.

Polk County Sheriff's Office Seizes Multiple Cats, Arrests Florida Woman for Animal and Elderly Neglect!

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The elderly victim, meanwhile, was safely relocated to family. This incident marks the second major animal hoarding case in Polk County within a week. Previously, over 300 animals, including chickens, cats, and a peacock, were seized from another property. These cases underscore the serious issue of animal hoarding and its associated risks, not only to the animals but also to people living in such environments.

The local authorities are working diligently to address these complex situations, balancing the welfare of animals and the people involved. This recent arrest brings attention to the broader challenges of animal welfare and the responsibilities of caretakers in our communities.

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