Positive News: Walmart Faces $100 Million Lawsuit from Texas Shopper Seeking Lifetime Deal!


Cybersecdn- Walmart is being sued in federal court by a guy from Texas who wants $100 million in damages or the freedom to shop at any Walmart store for life. Roderick Jackson of Waskom, Texas, sent Walmart two handwritten complaints saying he was suing them for something that happened in March 2021 at a shop in Omaha, Nebraska.

Jackson sent the charges to the US District Attorney’s Office in Fayetteville for the Western District of Arkansas. Both reports were sent in on January 8 by people who did not have lawyers.

Texas Man Sues Walmart

He made two complaints. One was about a “pretense of shoplifting,” and the other was about “civil rights violations based on race/color.” One of the complaints has a civil cover sheet that says the suit is about “other civil rights” but doesn’t say anything else.

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Jackson wants Walmart to pay all of the court costs that come with the case along with the money. The case has not been served on Walmart, according to court records. Walmart for a response, said, “We do not accept any kind of discrimination.” We are aware of Mr. Jackson’s lawsuit and will defend the company against the claims as soon as we receive them.

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