Ron De Santis Is Vilified as Florida Eliminates Sociology as A Required College Course!


CybersecdnIn a significant overhaul of the academic curriculum, Florida has announced the removal of sociology as a core college class, replacing it with a U.S. history course. Governor Ron DeSantis, steering this initiative, aims to instill an “historically accurate account of America’s founding and the horrors of slavery.” This decision aligns with DeSantis’s broader campaign against what he perceives as “woke ideology” infiltrating educational institutions.

Critics, including the American Sociological Association, argue this move undermines the scientific study of social behaviors and societal changes, pivotal for civic literacy and diverse career paths. They highlight the absence of evidence supporting the replacement and express concerns over the diminishing role of sociology in fostering critical thinking and understanding power dynamics in society.

Ron Desantis Is Vilified as Florida Eliminates

Educators fear the repercussion on student enrollment and the vitality of sociology departments, foreseeing potential faculty layoffs and a weakened infrastructure for sociological studies. This change is part of a series of educational reforms in Florida, including the prohibition of advanced placement classes in African American studies and the eradication of diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in higher education.

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Supporters, like Ray Rodrigues, chancellor of the state university system, commend the addition of the U.S. history course for its anticipated positive impact on student success. Manny Díaz, Florida’s education commissioner, echoes this sentiment, advocating for a return to academic integrity free from “destructive ideologies.”

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